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Thankfully, free jokes can be had as well. These may be more difficult to find, but the best route of action if you already have a healthy web surfing plan on your cell phone is to simply read your jokes online. You're already paying for the wireless data, so you may as well enjoy it. Other Short Cell Phone Jokes. Funny jokes about cell phones. 34 funny wrong number texts messages. Funny explanation text. A Stack of Top 5 Funnies bi-Weekly We don't deliver junk but only the best and top rated funnies from the world wide web to save you time. Join Today! and be the first to hear about our latest post.

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The invention of cell phone has catered to a huge demand of instant communication. It has also brought about changes in many aspects of our life and that includes jokes. Cell Phone jokes are amongst the new genre of jokes. They are basically centered on the use of cell phone i.e. funny incidents that result from using mobiles. Not wanting to make a mistake, she phones her doctor and asks him the exact location of the heart. He tells her that the heart is located two inches below the left nipple. The old woman hangs up the phone, takes careful aim and shoots herself in the left knee.86%(444).