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Feb 12, 2010 · This is not an Iphone App This is just a web page that looks like an app, app is something that you download in your iphone/ipad. In iphone you can create a link to to a web page, and if that web page has a little content, that looks like an iphone app. According to reports, Apple may be removing adult-themed content from the App Store. It's also improved filtering of App Store content browsed via iTunes.

Mar 06, 2014 · These adult apps tackle a broad range of topics related to intimacy, helping people to acquire knowledge, as well as facilitate communication and safety, all of which are important parts of intimacy in relationships, no matter how committed or casual. Despite my thoughts on “Web Apps on Mobile Devices: Yay or Nay?”, there are some great web apps for the iPhone or iPod Touch that you definitely might consider trying out. With the power of the internet and the ease of multitouch on the iPhone, web apps certainly have a lot to offer, especially with today’s advancing web technologies.