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Adult Day Health Care/ Adult Day Care Policy and Procedures Total ADHC Solutions Below are some sample policies and procedures for Adult Day Services, taken from the Total Solutions' Adult Day Policy and Procedure Manual. These are only a few of the more than 150 policies that are in the manual. Our Adult Day Policies and Procedures Manual was created specifically for the Adult Day Services industry and is appropriate for both medical and social centers. The Adult Day Care Policies and Procedures Manual has 400 pages of detailed policies. This manual will serve as a guide in customizing your adult day care policies and procedures.

PMCS will create a fully customized manual adult day care or adult medical day care policies and procedures manual to meet your state’s regulations and program needs, available for both Adult Day Care and Adult Day Medical Care. Each policy and procedures manual is customized for the approval of your state license. Together, the MDHSS-BCFNA and adult day care providers can maintain a high quality of care. This policy and procedure manual is designed to give adult day care providers instructions on how to operate the CACFP and serve wholesome and attractive meals that meet the nutritional needs of .

The Office of Child Support is in the process of moving all policy from the policy manuals and Action Transmittals (ATs) to the new Michigan IV-D Child Support Manual. During the transition to the new manual, some policy information will still be available in the policy manuals and ATs. The Adult Medical Day Care Unit is the lead unit for overseeing regulatory compliance for adult medical day care centers in the State. Adult Medical Day Care Centers are operated for the purpose of providing medical day care services in an ambulatory care setting to medically compromised adults who do not require 24-hour inpatient care, but, due to their degree of impairment, are not capable.