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Tissue expanders are temporary implants designed to stretch tissue after a mastectomy to prepare for breast reconstruction. The expander can be placed above or below the chest muscle and can be filled with either saline or carbon dioxide (depending on the type of expander used). Regardless of the type of expander used, this is a generally what patients can expect following surgery. After your mastectomy (surgery to remove your breast), you will have a breast reconstruction surgery using a tissue expander. A tissue expander is an empty breast implant that your surgeon will fill with normal saline over 6 to 8 weeks until it reaches the breast size that you and your surgeon decided on.

Aug 29, 2019 · If you're having an implant or tissue expander inserted at the same time, this will take about another hour or so. If you're having implant surgery some time after mastectomy and other treatments (delayed reconstruction), surgery to insert the tissue expander may be done about 4 to 6 months after your last treatment. Secondary Surgery after Implant Breast Reconstruction. Expander Implant Exchange and Revision. The process of breast reconstruction with implants is inherently staged in nature, usually requiring more than one operation to achieve a final breast shape.